About D.G. Post

Hello, and nice to meet you! I'm Gaines, and I write fantasy & supernatural-themed stories (under the name "D.G. Post") and science fiction stories (under the name "Gaines Post").

I grew up in Nashville, Tennessee, and now live in the Blue Mountains in southeastern Australia. I am a translator and editor by trade, but have recently decided that writing is much more than a hobby for me; I'd actually like to make a career out of it. To that end, I hope to eventually polish and publish some stories.

That'll take a while, of course. In the meantime, my plan is to continue to write weekly blog posts here on this website, in which I'll explore topics that are at least semi-related to fantasy, magic, and the supernatural, as well as post the occasional short piece of prose.

Let's see.... What else? I enjoy good books, good music, good shows; spending time with my lovely wife; engaging in good conversation, learning about the world, playing games, identifying birds, and meeting new friends.

Welcome to dgpostbooks.com. Make yourself at home! And feel free to join the conversation by clicking the "Discuss" link in the main menu.

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